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Trip Reports / Kings Island

Kings Island

To start off, the park seemed to be running very well at good capacity. No serious complaints except one and customer service was more then helpful with it, and we couldn't have been more happy.

Diamondback was seriously awesome, all around a great ride. Even with a full line it was maybe 45 mins at most, and we only had to wait once that long. The ride had a good amount of airtime, and also a very good first drop. A good long stable ride. Probably one of the most fun ones we've ever been on. 10/10

Now time for one of the most mind blowing experiences. Beast night ride, now we loved Beast during the day, but wow, I mean WOW! I heard rumors on how good it was, and unfortunatly didn't get the legendary ride the last time we went. Theres absolutely no other feeling like it, riding through the woods with no lights or sense of direction is more mind blowing then I could have ever imagined. 12/10 I think you get the point.

The park was running very well, and much better operations than the last time we went. The only problem that stuck out was this "rude" operator you could say. But once we brought it up to Customer Service they were also surprised and appauled by the actions of this operator. No need to say his name or what happened. But I just really wanted to point out how awesome Customer Service was. They were more than helpful, and got right to it to find this operator and see whats up. We also got front seat rides on Diamondback *Shush*. But yeah all the staff except that one person were absolutely awesome. Everyone seemed to enjoy their job, and have a nice smile to share. Staff 10/10, can't let one bad apple ruin the bunch.

Overall Experience 10/10, great park, great rides, even better then remembered.

Stupid clouds, can never get a good clear picture of the Helix.

Yeah, we rode this thing too. A lot more rough than the other clones.

We knew better to ride you this year.


Ahh, so peaceful.

This just might be my favorite picture of the trip.

OH YEAH, a successful helix picture with a train.


All those people seem happy.


These people seem very happy themselves too.


Another relaxing picture.



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