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Trip Reports / The Great Frederick Fair 2008

The Great Frederick Fair 2008

Saturday, Tyler, and my family went to the Great Frederick County Fair. The reason this fair is so special, to me at least. Is because I've been going to this fair for every year of my life. It's a yearly tradition, and I have many memories there. It's also a key factor why I love rides, and rollercoasters so much now. Even though this time, it wasn't that well done, compared to other years. We still had a lot of fun. Now onto the picture report.

First up, Tornado!

Then onto Freak Out.

Back of Tyler's head, oh and if you have no friends, they'll get you one.

Credit number one.

Gravitron, thats missing padding on seats, and the floor was pealing up.

Indy-500, credit number 2.

Decent for a county fair.

Look at theses awesome cars! Ok, I take back what I said about safety standards.

Back to Tornado, seriously one of the best flats ever. (Carnies running it, not so much, they were the absolute sterotypical rude carnies.)

Another shot of the only adult credit

Epic ferris wheel shot.

Tyler staring at me, since ferris wheels make him nervous. But I get that way sometimes too.

Midway shot 1.

Midway shot 2.

And one more.

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