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Trip Reports / South of the Border - Pedroland | East Coaster Trip

South of the Border - Pedroland | East Coaster Trip

Now that its winter, I've been holding back a few parks to keep the off season alive. Now its time for the first half of the East Coaster Side Parks!

Well the first side park of the trip was Pedro Land at South of the border. No surprise that it wasn't open, but I saw something that surprised me. There was indeed the park operators, and a landscaping company cleaning up the park. Apparently they have been working on making it a ok park and getting some of those rides open. So I give them credit on effort on their part. But the place was still a dump.

Welcome to, umm, South of the Border (Hell).

The scary Elevator ride of death, that we decided to do at Kings Island for free.

The owners really couldn't care less when I asked to get some pictures. I think any sort of advertising they could get they'd take it.

Well thats about it of South of the Border. At least I can say I saw it once in my life, and thats about all I want to see it.

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