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Top Thrill Dragster Injures Guest from Fallen Object

2 years ago

On August15th, Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster injured a guest waiting in line when an unidentified object from the popular roller coaster fell off. At this point the park has only released the following statement from a spokesperson for the park:

"The object came into contact with a female guest waiting in line for the ride"

"The park’s EMS team and Sandusky Fire Department responded immediately, and the guest was transported to the hospital for medical care. At this time, our focus is on the guest and her family"

The condition of the guest at this time is unknown, eye witness reports suggest that person is in critical condition. We've attached a photo of a statement left by a bystander that was a registered nurse at the scene of the incident below.

Here's a video that was released by an EMS personal that was on site attached as well, view discretion is advised.

Here's also a video from another EMS bystander on what they witnessed as well.

We will keep this article updated with the latest news and information on the incident.
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